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About Us

Where is What aims to bring users a clean, ad-free business listing site where the relevant information is immediately visible without being cluttered by spammy adverts and unnecessary information. Find what you want easily and see the information you need immediately.

For customers listing on Where is What, the site offers a professional looking and clean listing page for your business. We are continually expanding our offerings to our customers, so if you have listed with us, keep an eye out for a mail introducing new and exciting enhancements to the Where is What offerings. We aim to bring the best service to small and large businesses alike.

We understand that the little guy, the young entrepreneur or the starving artist needs some help in gaining valuable exposure for their business. We aim to accommodate everyone by providing them with a professional and clean looking online presence. We also believe that visitors to Where is What will find the searching experience more user friendly and to the point. That means more return visitors, which in turn means more exposure for our customers.

If you have any suggestions, please send a mail to and help us learn from industry professionals. (That’s you)